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Visit to Edible Backyard in Ohau

We had a wonderful visit to the Edible Backyard in Ohau. Run by Kath Irvine it models superb permaculture and the group that visited loved exploring and learning more about this.

About Kath and the Edible Garden: “The kind of garden I wish for you is productive, beautiful and most of all easy. Sounds dreamy aye, but it’s totally doable. With a little forethought and patience in the beginning, and a few helpful nudges from me, you'll create garden nirvana - less pests, less disease, more joy and a bounty of kai.

Teaming up with the web of life is the way. The more life your garden supports, the stronger it is and the less you need do. It’s such a thrilling ride, my friends and I'm stoked to journey alongside you. As you let go and learn to trust natural processes you'll see that life has you and your garden in its hands. Put your trust in it, and it will steer you to Eden”.

Photos by Roger Vincent.


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