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Children’s Garden Creation Competition Winners September 2021

A big thank you to all the children who entered the 2021 Children’s Garden Creation Competition this month. We were delighted to receive so many entries and were impressed by the creativity and imagination that went into all the entries. The judge had a difficult time selecting the following winning entries.

Congratulations to all the age group category winners:

Preschool Under 5 Winners:

  • 1st Place - Joseph Kelly

  • 2nd Place - Zoe Wall

  • 3rd Place - Ruth Rich

Primary 5-8 Years Winners:

  • 1st Place - Mason Gray

  • 2nd Place - Karina Fulton

  • 3rd = Place- Isabella Rich and Eleanor George

Primary 9-12 Years Winners:

  • 1st Place - Isla Weir

  • 2nd Place - Mileah Francis

  • 3rd = Place - Miriam Siave and Juno Albertson

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