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Titahi Bay Horticultural Society welcomes new Patron Geoff Hayward

Titahi Bay Horticultural Society is delighted to welcome a new Patron Geoff Hayward.

Geoff Hayward Ngāti Whakaue A resident of Titahi Bay, Geoff joined the Horticultural Society not long after moving to the Bay.

He is a former Co-Chair of the Titahi Bay Beach Festival, and a former Secretary of the Titahi Bay Community Group. He is also a member of the Board of Te Ara Moana, as well as the Porirua City Community IT Education Trust. He is also a Councillor on the Porirua City Council.

Geoff's earliest memories of gardening come from his mother, who showed him how to grow vegetables, as well as mowing the lawns under the guidance of his father. His mentor is his grandfather Poppa John, who is well into his 90s, living in Whangamata and services an enormous garden and orchard.

Today Geoff has his own māra kai, and he uses the time in the garden as part of his toolbox to enhance his mental wellness:

"For me, gardening is the perfect metaphor for life. We can't control everything that happens in the world and sometimes things just don't work out the way you hoped, but you just keep trying, because in time you can grow some beautiful things, that feed our bodies and our souls. He kai kei aku ringa!"

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