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Getting Prepared for our Spring Flower Show August 26-27

At our August meeting this week we concentrated on learning more about effective show exhibiting of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, herbs and containers of plants. Our speaker was Claude Poulsen, a long time member of the Hutt Valley Horticultural Society, who has exhibited and judged at many flower shows. He provided lots of great information but the top two tips were:

- prepare potatoes for showing by washing very carefully and lightly coating in melted butter

- when transporting flora to the show, put each item in a separate container, such as a jar, to prevent squashing and keep upright in the car. Don't jam them all into one bucket!!

At the end of Claude's talk, members said they felt more confident about exhibiting in our Spring Flower Show on 26-27 August.

We had some lovely entries in our monthly competitions.

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